Create a search alert

Please see video below for a step by step walk-through on setting and managing your alerts!

To support search and alert improvements, all alerts must be created on our main site. There are two ways to create such alerts:

1. You can create keyword alerts directly from your Saved Searches and Alerts Dashboard found here:

  • Go to your Followed Searches and Alerts page. (link above)

At the top of the page, enter your keyword in the field and click the "FOLLOW SEARCH" button. 

2. You can create keyword alerts or Advanced Alerts from any search results page.

  • Simply search for items.
  • Refine your results if you’d like. You can now refine by new options like multiple auction houses, price range, category, origin, and more.
  • Click the blue "FOLLOW SEARCH" button.  This will save your search and create a search alert email by default, but you can change these settings at any time on your Followed Searches and Alerts page.


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