How to leave an absentee bid

You can place absentee bids in advance of the live auction. Our hassle-free absentee bidding system ensures you get the best prices. Be sure to submit your maximum bid amount (the most you're willing to offer for the item) before the live auction begins.

Your bid stays at the lowest minimum amount required to keep you in the lead, and increases (up to your maximum bid amount) only if another bidder places a competing bid. To place an absentee bid, follow the steps below.

Select a maximum bid in the drop-down box on the item page and click the “Place Bid” button .

You may also enter a custom bid by typing an amount or by clicking "Enter a Custom Bid." We'll automatically round your custom bid to the nearest increment.

Confirm your bid (including applicable buyer's premium).

Next, agree to the Terms of Sale' by clicking the "Confirm" button.

Finally, you will get a confirmation that your bid was submitted. 

Please note, all bidders and bids must be approved by the auctioneer for the bid to be processed during the live auction. 

An absentee bid will be submitted on your behalf automatically based on the following criteria:

1) If no other bids start at the start price.

2) If there are other absentee bids start at the lowest non-competitive amount:

Example: I place a $100 absentee bid and you place a $300 absentee bid.  The starting price is $70.  The first bid that would come in, because our bid amounts compete up to $100 would be to you at $110, or whatever the next increment up from $100 happens to be.

3) If two absentee bids are left in the same amount, the auction will open at that amount to whoever bid first.

Example: You leave a $100 bid on Tuesday and I leave a bid of $100 on Thursday. When the lot comes up in the live auction on Saturday, it will open to you at $100.

4) If the floor places a bid, submit a competing bid at the next increment up.

5) If someone online bids using the live bidding console, take the bid at that amount.

6) Stop submitting bids when the max amount is reached. Bidders using the live bidding console to bid live during an auction must surpass the maximum absentee bid value before they can be recognized as the high bidder.