Excluding auction houses

You can now hide any auction house from appearing in your search results and search alert emails.
NOTE: While it's not currently possible to hide an auction house in the mobile app, any houses you hide on the website will also apply to mobile app searches.
To get started:
  • Log into your LiveAuctioneers account.
  • After placing a search, scroll down to the Auction House filter on the left sidebar.
  • Hover over the auction house whose items you would like to exclude from searches and search alerts.

  • Click on "Exclude" to hide the selected auction house's items from your search. While you're logged in, all future searches on liveauctioneers.com and the LiveAuctioneers mobile app will continue to hide this auction house's items. Items from this auction house will no longer appear in your search alert emails, as well.

  • If you would like to stop hiding the auction house's items, hover over the auctioneer and click on "Include":

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