Live bidding

When an auction is live, there will be a link to bid live on every catalog and item page for that auction . A window with live bidding console will open once you click on the link. If you are approved for the auction you will see a red Bid button with an amount. Click the bid button to bid at the amount listed. If successful, you will see the amount listed as Your Bid. Competing Bids from outside of LiveAuctioneers and other LiveAuctioneers Bidders will appear on the console in competition with you.  

Below is an overview of the bidders' console, as you would see it during a live sale.


1. Auctioneer/seller name and auction title
2. Auction status
3. Item
4. Upcoming items are displayed on the left side of the console
5. Additional information (click for detailed item information)
6. Image of the current item
7. Message panel
8. Current item
9. Currency converter
10. Language select (translates text to one of 10 alternate languages)
11. Current asking price
12A. Red bar displays when you've been outbid. Click "Bid" to place a live bid at the current asking price
12B. Green bar displays when you are the current high bidder

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