How to cancel/retract my bid

In order to retract your bid, simply log onto your LiveAuctioneers account.  Navigate to "My Items" (located in the upper right quadrant) and select the 'My Bids' link.  Once on this page, find the item you wish to retract your bid on and move your cursor over the item so the three dots will appear.  Select the three dots and then click the 'Retract Bid' option in the drop-down.  Follow the steps to retract your bid.  

Please note that absentee bids cannot be retracted less than 2 hours prior to the listed auction start time.

For the LiveAuctioneers App, you can follow the steps below to retract your bid. 

1. Go to 'My Bids' which can be located at the bottom tool bar

2. Click the three dots and then 'Retract Bid'

Once you click Retract Bid and it has been processed, you will be released from that bid. 

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