What is Buy now & Make Offer?

What is Buy It Now/Make An Offer?

  • It is a great feature that allows Auction Houses to try to sell pieces that might not have sold at auction or passed. It also allows users to purchase an item at or below the reserve price. If a listing is "Buy It Now" the lot will have replaced the option for bidding with the "Buy Now" or "Make an Offer" links. Buy it Now/Make an Offer listing will normally be available for up to 14 days after the auction has concluded.


  • Selecting “BUY NOW” will mean you are purchasing the lot at the price the auctioneers find acceptable.
  • Selecting “MAKE AN OFFER” will allow you to ask the auctioneer to offer the lot at a different price.
  • The auctioneer has the ability to decline any offer that is made on an item.

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