Buy now & Make offer

What is Buy It Now/Make An Offer?

  • It is a great new feature auction houses can enroll in to sell unsold/passed lots after the auction has concluded

How do I participate in Buy-It-Now?

  • If a lot you are interested in looks like this, it is eligible for Buy It Now/Make An Offer.

How long after the sale can I Make an Offer or Buy It Now?

  • The Buy it Now/Make an Offer feature will be available up to 14 days after the auction has concluded.


  • Selecting “BUY NOW” will mean you are purchasing the lot the price the auctioneers find acceptable.
  • Selecting “MAKE AN OFFER” will allow you to ask the auctioneer to offer the lot at a different price.
  • The auctioneer has the ability to decline any offer that is made on an item.
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