Where can I view an item’s shipping cost?

Any auction utilizing Shipping with LiveAuctioneers will give you the ability to view an estimated shipping cost on the lot page. You can view an estimated quote based on your account default address (as long as you’re logged in). You can also enter any zip code (US or International) to see a shipping quote to another address.

Certain product categories (furniture for example) may require a custom shipping quote. Simply enter a zip code (US or International) and an email address and you will receive the quote via email within minutes. 

You will also see the item's shipping cost along with the option to Ship with LiveAuctioneers both during checkout and on the Won Items page when you select the Add Shipping button after Autopay runs. Click here to read more. 

If under the 'Ship with LiveAuctioneers' option it says "Estimated rate will be available soon" then please revisit the lot page in the coming days to view your shipping quote. 

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