How do Timed+ Auctions Work?

In Timed+ auctions, each lot has its own designated bidding end time. Be sure to check the end time of the lots you may be interested in, as this is the estimated time the specific lot is expected to close. You can bid at any time until the lot closes.

What is different about bidding in a Timed+ auction?

Bidding end times for Timed+ lots are normally staggered a minute apart. However, unlike in Live and Timed auctions, Timed+ lots close independently from other lots. Since lots do not close in sequential order, you can place final bids on multiple lots without having to wait for any preceding lots to close.

Once the Timed+ lot begins to close, a countdown timer will appear for each lot. If a bid is placed in the final few minutes leading up to the end time, the bidding period will be extended. The auction house sets the extension period for its own auctions, but typically a bid placed in the final few minutes of the end time will extend the bidding period by up to 10 minutes. This process repeats until there are no remaining bids.

When placing max bids, please note that when two bidders place the same maximum bid amount, the high bid will be awarded to the bidder who placed their maximum bid first

Lots have begun closing, but where is the live auction window?

Bidding in Timed+ auctions takes place on Item pages, Catalog pages, and the My Bids page. In contrast to Live and Timed sales, there is no live auction window for Timed+ auctions.

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