How do I update my credit card and ACH information

Once logged in, click the  “Hi, (Name)”  dropdown in the top right-hand corner, and select Account Settings. Scroll down to the Payments section of the page to make changes:

To Add a credit card or ACH:

When you add a card to your profile on LiveAuctioneers, we contact the issuing bank to confirm the validity of the payment method associated with your account. This is not an actual charge. If you receive an error message while inputting your credit or debit card information, please confirm the card is not expired and that all of the information inputted matches that card. 

To Delete:

Note: At this time, to remove your Card on File you must use either your Web or Mobile Web Browser. The mobile app does not support removing Cards on File. Also, you will not be able to remove your Card on File if you have an outstanding invoice or bids. Should you want to use a new Credit Card, it would be best to add a new Credit Card and set that as your Primary card.

When on the app, go to your bottom toolbar and click “Me” and then “Credit Card On File.” It will take you to your Card on File page which will have the primary credit card on your account.  To update your credit card information, simply choose the card you want to update and click “Change.”

Please note that some things can only be done on the browser:

  • Choosing the primary credit card. The primary credit card is the only card displayed on the app.
  • Adding your bank information for wire transfer payments (ACH)
  • Deleting a credit card on file