I am getting an error when trying to make a payment online. Who do I reach out to?

First, check your payment method to confirm the information is correct by going to your Account Profile.

On the app, go to the bottom toolbar, click “Me” and then “Card On File.”  Is the credit/debit card that you have on file, valid? If not, click “Change” or go to the Account Profile and choose the primary card you want to use. 

Once you have updated your card information, you can remove your old payment information as long as you do not have an outstanding invoice or active bids.

Once your credit/debit card is updated, please use the Check Out link on your upcoming invoices to direct you to the checkout page

If this doesn't work, please try to clear your browser's cache and cookies and make sure that your auto-fill is turned off, you may also try to use other web browsers. If this still isn’t allowing you to pay, kindly reach out to LiveAuctioneers Bidder Support and share the error message you're receiving so we can look into this and resolve your issue.