How do I view my saved Items, Searches, and Auction Houses?

To view your search alerts, click Favorites, located on the top right side of any LiveAuctioneers page. You can also click the Followed Searches or Followed Auctioneers to direct you to your Favorites page. Once there you can toggle between search alerts you set up (Searches tab), the results of your alerts for items you are looking for (Items tab), and the results of Auction Houses you have opted to follow (Auctioneers) tab.

On the LiveAuctioneers app on your mobile, follow the steps below to set alerts for items.

  • Click “Discover” which is located at the bottom toolbar.
  • Near the top is the “Search items & Auction Houses” field, add the item or search term you would like to follow.  Click the search icon.
  • On the Search Result page, click the blue “FOLLOW SEARCH” button at the bottom of your app, if you wish to get email alerts.
  • You can customize your search by clicking the filter icon at the top toolbar of the app.  You can also choose a specific filter from this toolbar.
  • Clicking the filter icon will take you to the page where you can refine your search. On this page, you can see all the filters available.

On the app, you can view your searches by going to your Favorites at the bottom toolbar.  You can see the items you liked (heart icon), the auction houses you are following, and the item or term searches you saved.

If you do not want to get email notifications about any alerts you have set up, on the browser, go to your Email & Notifications page and click Followed Searches. From this page, you can untick Email to stop receiving alerts for this item. If you want to delete the search, click on the trashcan icon on the left, beside the search term.

On the mobile app, navigate to your Favorites tab at the bottom of the app. Click Searches on the toolbar and choose the search term/item you want to update. Once you click the search term, it will take you to the item page where you can click the “FOLLOWING SEARCH” button at the bottom of the app. Clicking that will remove this item from your search alerts and stop the email notifications.