Paying through LiveAuctioneers

⚠️  Sharing your payment credentials through email, text, fax, or somewhere other than LiveAuctioneers puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

Pay securely through LiveAuctioneers

LiveAuctioneers accepts multiple payment options, including major debit and credit cards, eChecks, and payment installments through Zip.

When you pay through LiveAuctioneers, your debit and credit card numbers and bank account numbers are encrypted for safe and secure storage. Please keep in mind that LiveAuctioneers will never ask you to provide payment credentials outside our website or app. 

You can tell if an auctioneer accepts payments through LiveAuctioneers by checking their auction policy, or if you see ‘Accepts seamless payments through LiveAuctioneers’ under the ‘Shipping, Payment & Auction Policies’ section on the item page.

Protecting your information on LiveAuctioneers

Auction houses will receive information needed to support the auction purchase, including your name and shipping address. For your protection, no one, including auction houses, will be able to see your complete card number or bank account information.

Tax-exempt orders on LiveAuctioneers

If you have a valid tax exemption certificate, upload it to your LiveAuctioneers account to ensure your purchases are not subject to tax. Tax exemption will automatically apply only to purchases made through LiveAuctioneers (where applicable).

Support for orders on LiveAuctioneers

For payments made through LiveAuctioneers, our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions related to your purchase. 

You’ll receive an email confirmation for transactions made through LiveAuctioneers. You can find your LiveAuctioneers transaction history by visiting My Account > Won Items, and selecting ‘View Order Confirmation’ for the desired order. You may also reference Get Help on the Won Items page which has common questions and answers regarding payments, shipping, and the item(s) inquiries based on the status of your order (paid, shipped, in transit etc.). 

For questions relating to transactions taking place outside of LiveAuctioneers, please contact the auction house directly.