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Thank you so much for your inquiry as to becoming a listing auctioneer on the LiveAuctioneers platform!

Are you looking to:
Bring Your Business to the Most Valued Auction Audience?
Engage with over 3 million registered bidders in your online auctions.
Reach Engaged & Valuable Bidders?
Get access to the industry's 3 million highest value and most loyal bidders.
Access a Trustworthy Audience?
Sell to verified bidders who collectively comprise an audience with the lowest dispute rate and lowest non-paying bidder rate in the industry.
Grow Sales with Effective Advertising?
When advertising on LiveAuctioneers, the average auction receives a 25% increase in sales.
Then, in order to best assist you, please go to the following link, and check out what our sellers are saying about being a listing auctioneer on LiveAuctioneers!
Simply fill out the requested information and once received and reviewed, you will be contacted by a sales manager within 48 hours.
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