Do you offer text message alerts?

You can opt to receive text message auction alerts by navigating to your Email & Notifications page.  You can enable real time Outbid Notifications, Auction Reminders and/or Payment Reminders.  Under Auction Alerts, check the box to enable all three SMS alerts.

Email & Notifications (Browser):

You can also click the drop-down list to choose a specific reminder.  Check whichever of the three reminders you want to enable.

When you select a reminder, the pop-up below will appear.

Once you accept the Terms & Conditions and click “RECEIVE SMS”, a pop-up will appear to let you know you’ve activated SMS alerts. 

Make sure the telephone number in the pop-up is correct. If it’s not, click the pencil icon to update your mobile number.  Clicking the pencil icon will take you to your Account Settings page.

Important Note:

If there is no telephone number in the pop-up, that means the SMS Alert is not properly set up. Click the pencil icon to go to your Account Settings where you can add a valid mobile number in the Mobile Phone Number field.  You can also click “Add a mobile phone number” in your Emails & Notifications page.

In the LiveAuctioneers App, Auction Alerts are under Push Notifications. This can be found in your Account (Me: located at the bottom right corner), under Settings.

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